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Neosho Christian School is dedicated to excellence in educational opportunities from a Christian point of view. All Corporation Directors, School Board Members, Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Members are faithful non-denominational Christians who are resolved to provide opportunities for academic excellence, appropriate social experiences, suitable physical development opportunities, solid spiritual growth that is based on non-denominational Bible courses, and a well-balanced preparation for the future.

Neosho Christian School believes that all people have been created in the image of God and have intrinsic worth. This belief means that Neosho Christian School does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race or color. It also means that Neosho Christian School treats all people with appropriate dignity and respect, and its teachers and staff seek to foster that same attitude of dignity and respect in the thinking of all students.

Lowell McInturff – Superintendent, MSE Degree
Vickie Woodward - Administrative Secretary
Carla Murray - Pre-School Teacher, BS Degree
Terry Lankford - Kindergarten Teacher, BA Degree
Amanda Flint – 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher, MS Degree
Patricia Coberley –3rd and 4th Grade Teacher, BS Degree
Dan Lazure – Social Science Teacher, MSE Degree
Tim Murray – Bible and Spanish Teacher, BA Degree
Kari Clements – English Teacher, BSE Degree
Mallory Francisco - Science Teacher, BS Degree
Blair Holding - Math Teacher, BS Degree
Tony Flint - IT Administrator, DTOM Technologies, LLC

School Board
Dr. Matt Keim, President
Josh Dodson
Linda Holverson
Richard Chambers
Jason Bryan

Mission Statement
Educating students to achieve Christ-centered excellence and fostering family/community connectivity.

​Vision Statement:
Christ-centered educational excellence

Statement of Faith:

• Jesus is the son of God, our example for this life, and our hope for eternal life.
• Our guiding principle is to maintain a strong relationship with God throughout all our education programs.
• Academic excellence includes training in patriotism, loyalty,and respect for authority. 
• Cultivation of self-esteem and the appreciation of excellence in others are necessary attributes for a student to reach his/her full potential.
• Educator responsibility includes training students for Christian leadership and service to others. 
• Parents have the primary responsibility of child rearing and education, which we partner with in order to support and encourage student growth and success.

Core Values:
• God and a commitment to following Christ
• The Bible, a moral and spiritual guide
• Shared faith and servant leadership
• Excellence
• Respect
• Lifelong personal growth

Profile of Neosho Christian School
• A private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation.
• Fully accredited by the National Christian School Association
• Fully accredited by the North Central Association
• Member of the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce
• School colors: blue and white
• School mascot: Knight
• Neosho Christian School does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race or color.

Tuition Cost:
1st student-$1,700. per semester
2nd student-$1,000. per semester
3rd student-$600. per semester
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